GSTiR Team Attended the ISC West2023

It's been five years since the last time participation in the exhibition in 2018, Global Sensor Technology (GSTiR) once again attended the ISC West2023, and discussed with global exhibitors about the deep integration and prospect exploration of infrared technology, security and related industries.

The security industry is changing with each passing day, and the requirements of various security systems for core devices are constantly upgrading. As a mainstream supplier of thermal imaging cores in the infrared industry, GSTiR has displayed various infrared camera modules at the exhibition, bringing together front-end technology to open the era of intelligent security.

iTL612 Pro: Ultra Miniature Uncooled Thermal Module

Challenging the limit of size, iTL612 Pro thermal module responds to space constraints with overall size as low as 17.3×17.3×23.25mm, and weight only 13g. iTL612 Pro thermal module could fully meet the strict requirements of compact system for the thermal module structural load, system integration, and iterative development, ensuring smaller space experience and more application possibilities.


COIN417G2: Optimal SWaP-C Uncooled Thermal Module

With brand-new compact design and TEC-less technology, the overall structure of COIN417G2 infrared camera module becomes more and more concise. The newly upgraded circuit scheme reduces its typical power consumption from 1.4W to 0.7W.

TWIN612: High Performance Uncooled Thermal Module

TWIN612 thermal module has stable and high performance. Its unique algorithm could output sharp image quality. The external volume and weight of TWIN series thermal modules are also continuously optimized. Its power consumption is reduced to as low as 0.8W.

PLUG1212: Mega Pixel HD Uncooled Thermal Module

With large array 1280×1024/12µm infrared detector, the PLUG1212 thermal module provides superior performance, clear images, edge sharpening and enhanced details at any harsh environments, such as rain, snow, dust, heavy fog, total darkness etc.

Until now, vanadium oxide is still the mainstream route of uncooled infrared detectors. As the leading manufacturer of vanadium oxide uncooled detectors in China, GSTiR has reached long-term strategic cooperation with many leading manufacturers in the global security and related industries by virtue of its proficient experience in the development of infrared detectors and thermal modules.

GSTiR team will meet with you at booth 33047. We expect to cooperate with our friends all over the world and make a better future together.


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