Infrared Technology Applied in Smart Security

The application of thermal imaging technology in the field of smart security is gradually popularized, creating a more comfortable, safe, energy-saving and environmentally friendly environment for us. Smart security is currently mainly used in finding hollow walls, water leakage on the floor, electrical failure or abnormal temperature of electrical appliances, etc. The 24-hour comprehensive monitoring system can improve people's sense of family security even if there is an early warning or location of problem points before the floor is moldy, the house leaks or catches fire and other safety hazards happens.

Infrared application in the field of intelligent nursing

In the field of nursing care for the elderly, the behavior identification, body temperature monitoring and early warning can be carried out in a more private space. If the elderly are found to have abnormal body temperature or fall, the thermal image will be reported to the monitoring system to avoid safety hazards caused by the elderly living alone or poor family care. Infrared thermal imaging technology can also monitor the behavior of kicking the quilt and give an early warning.

Infrared application in the field of residential intrusion prevention

In the residential area, the surveillance camera which integrates infrared camera core could output thermal image in a completely dark environment without fear of interference. It can still image clearly in rainy and foggy days, so that criminals such as thieves cannot take advantage of it.

Infrared application in the field of kitchen safety

Infrared detectors can help create a "sunshine kitchen" in the catering industry, keeping the kitchen away from smoking. It can also monitor the body temperature of employees, the ambient temperature, and rodent infestation etc.

Infrared application in the field of smart home

In the field of smart homes, infrared thermal imaging technology can detect abnormal temperatures around the clock on HVAC equipment, and locate problems without destroying the house. On smart air conditioners, the infrared camera cores is integrated to adjust the air supply system in real-time so that ensures energy saving and environmental protection. As for the house leakage, thermal imaging camera can intuitively monitor the leakage point with non-contact detection to ensure non-destructive testing.

Infrared application in the field of electric vehicle fire protection

Due to frequent safety problems of electric vehicles, it is extremely important to fully popularize the application of thermal imaging technology in the field of electric vehicle fire prevention. Electric vehicle charging pile is generally concentrated in residential areas with a large flow of people. Once a fire or explosion occurs, it will cause immeasurable losses. Infrared thermal imaging cameras can monitor the overheating alarm of charging piles to avoid potential fire.

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