Introducing iGS Series Thermal Modules

Infrared technology goes beyond daylight and even the most challenging atmospheric conditions, such as snow, rain, fog, smoke, dust, scrub etc., and thereby ensuring thermal sights maintain a clear view of the target. The field has become such a scientific leap that it has caused the development of technology for recognizing objects in impenetrable darkness.

With such significant advancements in infrared thermal imaging technology, users in this field will also have higher requirements for size, weight, cost and quality.

Now, GSTiR introduces the NEW iGS series thermal modules, which is a professional integration solution for thermal sights. The solutions bring integrators smaller space, tighter cost control, higher quality, more options and varying features.


Since users' personalized requirements for thermal imaging performance are becoming increasingly prominent, the iGS series thermal modules not only meet the basic needs of clear image quality, but also support more performance, helping to significantly improve the observation experience of infrared vision products.

Compact Structure Design

The iGS series thermal modules focus on strict space control and compact design, with its max envelope diameter≤φ36, and bare module weight ≤28.6g.


Smooth Observation Experience

iGS series thermal modules ensure shutterless algorithm. There is no need for shutter correction after start-up, solving the caton problem, frame loss and noise during operation

Strong Impact Resistance

Meet strong impact test requirements in harsh conditions with impact resistance up to 1500g, duration 0.4ms.

Powerful Features, Easy Integration

The iGS series thermal modules are compatible with various functions and suitable for multiple scenarios.

The iGS series infrared camera core can realize all-weather clear imaging in various harsh environments, assist in optimizing the observation experience of various clip-on/embedded vision systems, and greatly improve the detection accuracy.

From March 2nd to 5th, the IWA Outdoor Classics 2023 Exhibition is held at the Nuremberg Exhibition Center in Germany. GSTiR team is here to show you iGS series thermal modules and various infrared detectors, thermal imaging modules.

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