Fire Prevention Early Warning System Based on Infrared Technology

With the rapid construction of large buildings and the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the occurrence of fires has also increased dramatically. Fire has a huge impact on human life, especially in some places that cannot bear the risk of fire.

At present, some fire warning systems and fire extinguishing devices have appeared on the market, but their use effect is not good. The main reasons are as follows:
- Most of the detection methods use temperature sensors to monitor local hot spots, which cannot fully reflect the heat distribution of the entire equipment
- The prediction technology is not perfect, which may easily cause false alarm or the alarm will not be called
- When extinguishing the fire, the fire extinguishing agent is sprayed in a large area aimlessly, and the fire area cannot be accurately located

At present, infrared thermal imaging technology and infrared temperature measurement technology have been applied to relevant aspects in the field of automatic fire early warning system.

Its implementation mode is mainly to use infrared thermal imager as the monitoring camera platform. The infrared radiation on the surface of the measured object is converted into a video signal to form a video image, and then analyzed by special software to capture the highest temperature point in the surveillance video. By comparing the highest temperature point with the preset alarm temperature, once the highest temperature point exceeds the preset, an alarm will be triggered.

A series of radiometric infrared thermal modules offered by Wuhan Global Sensor Technology (GSTiR) are specially developed for the early fire warning system. By integrating them into the monitoring system, 24-hour all-weather heat monitoring can be realized no matter day or night, or even in some harsh environments, and temperature anomalies can be detected and reported at any time.

1. Forest Fire Prevention

The forest fire warning system that is based on infrared thermal imaging technology conducts all-weather, long-distance, and wide-range real-time monitoring of forest areas, and promptly detects fire hazards such as accumulated heat, hidden fires, residual fires, and dense smoke, or early fires

2. Power monitoring

Quickly identify and diagnose thermal defects of transmission lines, substation lines, and distribution line equipment, and accurately locate fault points

3. Metallurgy and petrochemical

Non-contact temperature measurement, detection of gas leakage, suitable for safety assurance of various furnace pipelines, etc., and can also be used for refining temperature control, etc.

4. Mining Safety

Infrared camera products are suitable for inspection of hidden fire, water penetration, inspection of electric power equipment, prevention of spontaneous combustion of coal accumulation, mine disaster rescue and other scenarios

5. Fire prevention

Fires generally need to go through the process of surface heating, smoke, and open flames. Infrared thermal imaging technology can sensitively detect abnormal temperatures and give early warning before this

6. Kitchen Fire

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